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Myths and Misconceptions about D.I.S.C. Assessments

D.I.S.C. AssessmentThe D.I.S.C. assessment is a tried-and-true asset in the professional world. Though it can be a highly valuable resource, its prevalence has given it a near-mythical status among many gurus and executives — something that leads to a fair few misconceptions. As experts in government contractor D.I.S.C. consulting, we run into many of these frequently. A few of the most common include:


All Assessments Are the Same

A test is a test, right? Not exactly. Having the right professionals delivering the assessment can have a huge impact on how people approach it. By extension, the wrong delivery can compromise the results you get and obscure your path forward rather than illuminating it. That’s why organizations often rely on government contractor D.I.S.C. consulting in the first place.


Styles Change Over Time

Expanding on the above point, people often think that their styles change over time. In reality, changes in results often come as a consequence of poor assessment delivery. One of the reasons the test is so valuable when done correctly is that it gets at the fundamental, unchanging reality of an individual’s character.


D.I.S.C. is a Personality Measurement

Though it’s often called a “personality test” for simplicity’s sake, the D.I.S.C. assessment actually measures behavior and outcomes, which is why it’s a premier psychological tool in many business and professional environments.

Understanding the Importance of Innovation

Innovation in BusinessIn any business, innovation is the backbone that builds success. It’s not enough to be good at something — you need a unique angle, a perspective that makes you the right choice in a sea of potential partners for your customers or clients. That’s why so many of the top innovation consulting firms in Georgia work hard to foster an understanding of what, exactly, they do.


Of course, explaining innovation isn’t as easy as it sounds. On its face, the process is simple. You need to break boundaries, do something new, or take a method to the next level. But what does that look like in your specific business? How to you get it done while also seeing to the daily challenges of a busy market?


Answering these questions isn’t just a fun exercise in sales acumen. It’s the beating heart that makes your business as viable tomorrow as it was yesterday. In short, the top innovation consulting firms might tell you that their work is about one thing: creating success instead of standing still. And with the right help on your side, you can keep innovating day after day to make sure you remain in the only place that matters — on top of the competition.

How DISC Training is Beneficial for Government Agencies

DISC TrainingThe DiSC assessment is a non-judgmental assessment tool used for discussion of people’s behavioral and communication differences. If you participate in a DiSC program, you’ll complete a questionnaire that produces a detailed report about your behavior and personality. It also relays tips related to working with people of other styles.


A government contractor for DiSC consulting can facilitate a session for your department that shows how the DiSC® model provides a common language that people can use to understand their communication style. Knowing this then helps them to adapt their behavior to others, work more effectively within a team, or build other business relationships.


DISC Profiles Can Help


Increase Your Self-Knowledge – Understand how you navigate to conflict, what motivates you, which factors cause you to stress, and how you solve problems.


Improve Working Relationships – A government contractor for DiSC consulting can help your team recognize the communication styles and needs of other team members and other stakeholders.


Facilitate Better Teamwork – Teaches effective communication between all DiSC profiles and tips for productive, constructive conflict.


Develop Stronger Negotiating Skills – By identifying and responding to team members’ and internal client styles by understanding the dispositions and priorities of other professionals.

Future Trends in Innovation Management

Innovation ManagementBooms in technology have been constant for at least the past 20 years, and now 2020 is here to deliver more. Digital trends projected for this year include the launch of 5G and more blockchain uses, among other items. These advancements will undoubtedly have an impact on innovation management across many industries. It’s becoming more obvious to the top innovation consulting firms in Georgia that every business’s goal should be to foster a culture of continuous innovation.


Innovation Trends on the Rise

There has been an increasing distrust in technology, even as technology grows. People are demanding more transparency in the algorithms at work and around the ownership of ideas. This indicates that there is a need for a system of record for innovation that will allow us to give credit where it is due.


Cloud Capabilities – Top innovation consulting firms are telling us that cloud capability will continue to grow in 2020. There will be a shift toward cloud collaboration as well. Open innovation software will be an essential aspect of your innovation management.


Leadership Support The practice of celebrating failure as an opportunity to learn has become popular. This year, the trend is moving away from celebrated failure to an increasing emphasis on expanded leadership support and resources. Providing your team with the tools for success should be an important aspect of your innovation


Innovation Challenges to Avoid

Top innovation consulting firms are clear when they advise that not all innovation is equal. Fostering continuous innovation is a key trend in the future of innovation management, but rushing through initiatives will most likely fail. Here are some of the more common challenges to avoid.


Innovation Initiatives With No Clear Strategy – If you are not experienced in innovation initiatives, you might opt for a low cost and low commitment plan without a clear strategy. Sporadically introducing campaigns can potentially result in wasting resources and time. Top innovation consulting firms will tell you that you may find that internal stakeholders lose interest.


Not Researching Thoroughly – The most important step in every innovation process is researching customer needs. The agile innovation process cannot create a quick fix, and they require the initial research step. Once robust research has been done, then agile can help innovation continue to succeed.

Signs of a Successful Agile Organization

Agile ThinkingSome companies can adapt to change and embrace it while moving forward, and others can’t. Businesses that are slow to innovate and pivot eventually fall farther and farther behind in the corporate world until they fall out of sight completely. An agile company can make the right moves to stay competitive and embrace any opportunities that come its way.


There are signs that your company is an agile organization or has the potential to become one, and at Innovative Consulting Solutions & Services LLC, we know what to look for. We’ll provide a few clues here in this post.


Your company relies on corporate innovative consulting and embraces the opportunities that it presents.


The workforce at your business is made up of skilled and talented team players who build upon their strengths while shoring up their limitations.


Your organization is always looking for ways to learn and improve.


The leaders in your workplace aim to inspire others while keeping the team functioning as one solid, progressive unit.


Communication, collaboration, and sharing are part of your corporate culture and encouraged regularly.


You use corporate innovative consulting to see the best ways to solidify the long-term value of the business.

Why is a Crisis Fertile Ground for Innovation?

Crisis to InnovationThere are two ways of looking at most things — as an opportunity or as a roadblock. We’ve all heard of the saying of the ‘glass-half-full’ and can easily think of people who are eternally cynical or the sunshine optimists.


Those people who tend to look at life with a positive outlook can find the good in most things and can see the potential for advancement where others only see problems. They are not blind to the issue, but they are not paralyzed by it. Rather than being derailed by a crisis, they see a way forward and a chance to innovate in the face of uncertainty.


A crisis is a fertile situation for advancement in business that your company should take advantage of. The direction provided through strategy and innovation consulting from a resource such as Innovative Consulting Solutions & Services LLC can show the way.


A state of crisis is uncomfortable, but it motivates people to think in ways that they wouldn’t during normal situations. This unique mindset often opens up ideas and pathways that lead to new products and business practices that would not have been considered otherwise. Strategy and innovation consulting can help you and your employees harness these newfound innovations and successfully build upon them.

How to Create an Effective Idea Management Process

Business Innovation ConsultantInnovative Consulting Solutions & Services LLC works with businesses who want to implement effective changes that improve their operation. One way to boost creativity, efficiency, and outcomes is to design an idea management process that fosters healthy and productive dialogue among your teams. As your business innovation consultant in Georgia, we help you accomplish meaningful communications solutions.


Idea management refers to methods we can set in place to enhance the quality of our dialogue and our capacity for innovative thinking and collaboration. It is modeled on respectful teamwork, thoughtful and timely feedback, and the acknowledgement that there is always room for growth and improvement.


Your company’s idea management process will need to address three key facets of your business. How you make these adjustments, of course, will depend on the nature of your business, the way your business is currently organized, and what your objectives are.


Culture – It’s important that your work environment has a culture of open, constructive communication so that you can benefit from the unique insights of individuals across teams.


System – Provide your people with a way to make suggestions and easily access what other’s suggestions are as an efficient means of promoting dialogue.


Process – Identify a clear way to integrate the ideas you have received and how to tie these ideas back to your stated goals.

Jumpstart Innovative Thinking with the Right Strategy

Strategy and Innovation ConsultingBy now, it’s a cliché to say that “outside-the-box” thinking drives businesses into new growth opportunities. Startups as well as established corporations understand the value that innovation brings to the operation. So, the question becomes “how do we foster a culture that promotes innovative thinking?” The answer to that question will look differently from company to company, based on that company’s teams, objectives, etc.


At Innovative Consulting Solutions & Services LLC, we work with companies who want to tap into their potential for creative thinking. Our strategy and innovation consulting will help you nurture a corporate culture in which creativity thrives. Generally speaking, companies that prioritize the following four qualities will promote their teams’ capacity for innovative thinking.


Insight – Your team members likely already have an impressive storehouse of knowledge and ideas, so pay attention to how each can contribute to the discussion.


Inclusivity – Keep everyone involved: innovation and the successful implementation of new ideas is a collaborative effort.


Ideation – As your consultant, we can help facilitate your idea sessions to mitigate any power plays among team members, and to ensure that suggestions are centered on the project’s objective.


Initiation – Implement your new ideas by developing a detailed action plan that focuses on measurable, achievable goals.

Why Businesses Hire Business Consultants

Business ConsultantThere are many reasons why certain organizations might hire business consulting services in Georgia. No company is perfect, and when it comes to innovating or addressing problems outside your area of expertise, you’ll need assistance. From sharing advice in regards to a specific market to revitalizing a dwindling business, relying on professional consultants gives you the opportunity to apply new knowledge to your organization.


Obtaining an Objective Point of View

Experienced consultants can provide you with an outside perspective, allowing you to make informed decisions that encourage success. With an objective view of your enterprise, you can gain a better understanding of how your company is perceived by others and take the steps necessary to make positive changes. Growth and innovation are essential to the survivability of any business, which is why a consultant can prove to be a valuable asset.


When you want to make improvements to the way your company operates, your first step should be to seek out professional business consulting services. Their knowledge and expertise can provide you with the insight necessary to make informed decisions. Making smarter choices ensures that your organization continues to advance and that you achieve your most ambitious goals.

What is Corporate Innovation?

Corporate InnovationIn the modern business world, improvement and innovation are critical to the success of any company. When organizations refuse to evolve with the market, they fall behind and lose customers and clients to competitors who are ahead. Additionally, meeting with the top innovation consulting firms in Georgia allows you to prove to investors that you are serious about your business.


How Innovation Breeds Success

Whether you’re the owner of a small startup company or you manage a major corporation, advancement is key to achieving your goals. By keeping up with contemporary innovations, you can ensure your business sticks around for the foreseeable future. The idea of corporate innovation is the implementation of these modern systems through proof of concepts and testing with research and development. Of course, there are other methods; it all depends on your needs and goals.


By approaching the top innovation consulting firms, you can feel confident that your organization is staying up-to-date with modern trends. Focusing on improvement and growth demonstrates to customers and clients that you’re a reliable, contemporary business. This competitive edge allows you to continue succeeding and expanding your reach. By applying a corporate innovation approach to your business strategies, you can surpass your biggest opponents in the market.