Behavioral Enhancement Tools

Equip every member of your team with the tools they'll need to effectively interact with coworkers, clients, and family members. Our DISC Consultant / Trainer offers a full range of behavioral assessments coupled with performance coaching, depending upon your organizational needs. We not only provide the assessment; we also spend time with each person to help them understand their report and assist them in plotting a future growth plan.  For teams, after receiving their assessments, put them through our workshop so they can understand their report as well as understand how to communicate with their coworkers.   Learn about our DISC assessments / Workshops and how they can facilitate strategic growth and lifelong relationships with your employees and customers. Our DISC Consultant / Trainer at ICS2 can assist with staffing your entire organization and talent management in a way that ensures everyone succeeds.

Contact us today to work directly with a DISC Consultant / Trainer on programs that are designed to increase relationships in your environment. We proudly serve clients nationally, on-site, and virtually.

Improve communication while increasing your leadership by working with our DISC Trainer and DISC Consultant
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Combine this detailed couple's assessment along with the skillset of our certified facilitator to experience a level of discovery that will skyrocket your relationship to its highest potential.

This assessment incorporates more than 12 question types, which comprises nearly 300 questions, eliminating the potential for what is commonly referred to as "survey fatigue." This ensures optimal results. You were taking approximately 35 minutes to complete separately. The assessment can be taken on virtually any device. The follow on discussions are where the magic happens in your relationship. Eliminate the element of surprise by having the necessary discussions upfront. Even if you have already been married for quite some time, this assessment can move your relationship from bland to sizzling.

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