Myths and Misconceptions about D.I.S.C. Assessments

D.I.S.C. AssessmentThe D.I.S.C. assessment is a tried-and-true asset in the professional world. Though it can be a highly valuable resource, its prevalence has given it a near-mythical status among many gurus and executives — something that leads to a fair few misconceptions. As experts in government contractor D.I.S.C. consulting, we run into many of these frequently. A few of the most common include:


All Assessments Are the Same

A test is a test, right? Not exactly. Having the right professionals delivering the assessment can have a huge impact on how people approach it. By extension, the wrong delivery can compromise the results you get and obscure your path forward rather than illuminating it. That’s why organizations often rely on government contractor D.I.S.C. consulting in the first place.


Styles Change Over Time

Expanding on the above point, people often think that their styles change over time. In reality, changes in results often come as a consequence of poor assessment delivery. One of the reasons the test is so valuable when done correctly is that it gets at the fundamental, unchanging reality of an individual’s character.


D.I.S.C. is a Personality Measurement

Though it’s often called a “personality test” for simplicity’s sake, the D.I.S.C. assessment actually measures behavior and outcomes, which is why it’s a premier psychological tool in many business and professional environments.