Pursuing Purpose

Blog/Podcast Introduction Post/Conversation #1 Week of 1 March 21 

Resolutions. Promises. One little word. We’ve all made them at some point, especially as we embark upon the promise of a new year. And then quickly, we realize the flip of the calendar on January 1st provides a new year, a new day….a new opportunity, BUT only if we’re willing to pursue a new mindset.

The newness of the new year has quickly come and gone. As we head into the second quarter of the year, how is keeping those resolutions going? Is it time for a reset? If like, so many (including myself), you answered with a resounding, “YES”…..then this post is for you!

As we embark upon the fresh start of a new day, pursuing our purpose becomes increasingly important.

What is, Purpose?

How do you know what your purpose is?

Is it the same as a profession?

Is it the same as a calling?

What is God’s purpose for your life?

The answer to each of these questions lies in our daily habits. It lies within what sets our souls on fire with excitement! What makes you WANT to leap out of bed in the morning? What would you do for FREE (though being paid for it would be pretty nice too)? And how will you KNOW, with certainty that what you are in pursuit of, is God’s purpose for your life?

Can I tell you a little secret? When you discover your spiritual gift, not only will you love it; it will energize you in a way that nothing else does. And you know what else? It will be BIGGER than just you! God’s purpose for your life will propel you to help others.

Jeremiah 29:11 states For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you says the Lord, thoughts, and plans for welfare and peace [to prosper] and not for evil [not to harm you], to give you hope in your final outcome [future].

Right now, today, at this very moment, God is thinking of YOU and has a plan for you! God loves you! In creating a plan for your life, he knew you’d have moments of weakness, moments of doubt; he knew you’d make mistakes-maybe even run from your purpose. In knowing all of that, there is still an opportunity to overcome any feelings of defeat to commit to changing habits, setting aside pride, and developing accountability to do what is right. Once responsibility for your gifts is accepted, previously perceived obstacles can be reimagined as opportunities!

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. One day at a time, with renewed thought, focus, and intent, followed by disciplined action…you can pursue your purpose, while also helping others to do the same!

What are you most passionate about?

What is your perspective on it?

Today, get ready to share your ‘it’; choose to believe that your future is bright and you are
worthy of a life well-lived! Greatness awaits! Pursue it today!