Sales Training and Consulting

Some may say that selling is a numbers game from the perspective of constant customer engagement. However, we feel sales are a “numbers game” based upon increased closing percentages. Experience the effects of our Sales Bootcamp, where we teach sales from a human performance perspective, with the potential to turn your least performing sales professional into a high performer. Innovative Consulting looks at every aspect of the sales process while training an innovative sales technique to make the average salesperson more relational. The results are lifelong relationships with your customers.


When you learn to communicate freely with the people within your organization, you can begin to communicate with the outside world with one voice. More significant interaction and communication can motivate people to greater success without worrying about competing areas of influence. Your efforts at influence must be focused on the partners you need to grow donations and revenue.


Understanding What Drives Prospects

When you talk to leading sales consulting firms, the importance of prospects will always be their first concern. After all, growth is the key sign of success when it comes to generating a reliable revenue. Being able to meet potential customers where they are and bring them on board with your vision is the most vital part of the job.


Identify new markets and additional opportunities to grow when you develop a greater understanding of what motivates potential sales prospects. A great salesperson understands how to adapt their approach to different groups and alternating markets. Choosing the right strategy can make or break your sales efforts, so developing that skill set within your organization is a priority.


You aren’t just selling a product. You’re selling what you believe about that product. Finding the right balance of polish, authenticity, and tenacity to drive prospects and maintain your company’s reputation isn’t easy, but it’s what you need to achieve success. Markets and strategies change, but the buy-in is always about how much prospects trust you. Before you can convince them, you need the right advice to help you trust yourself.

Establishing Rapport with Clients

When you turn to us for strategy and innovative consulting, we focus on the space between you and a potential customer. How you manage — and close — that distance is the key to every interaction, and the thing that keeps you in control is a relationship built on quickly-made connections. You have to be ready to turn a stranger into someone who believes what you have to say in as little time as possible.


Building rapport with your clients is probably one of the single most important things that you can do in addition to building and maintaining trust. It is imperative for every salesperson to connect with their customers almost immediately.  During the Sales Bootcamp, we will help your salesperson understand those different ways of building rapport, allow them to practice those using those very same techniques, then coach them to improve their performance in the art of building rapport.


Leadership is influence; therefore, it’s important for everyone who is a leader or in a leadership position to begin to increase their levels of influence. After gaining an understanding of the art of building rapport, your sales team should seek to increase their influence with your customer base for the purpose of making your client base feel comfortable with their buying process, ultimately eliminating any possibilities of buyer’s remorse.


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