Team Building and Team Development

Leader Development

Innovative Consulting Solutions & Services LLC is the partner you can trust for team consulting in Georgia and nationwide. Though we work with a wide range of businesses and individuals, our goal is always the same: helping you achieve as much as possible with the resources you have. By focusing on key drivers of success like evaluation, communication, and creativity, we help organizations leverage their talent in new ways that further the goals they set.


That’s what makes our consulting services so valuable. We don’t just help you through one hurdle. Instead, our team equips you for the diverse and constantly-shifting field you encounter in the real world.

How We Help

When you work with a business innovation consultant from our team, solutions are always the name of the game. We believe in positive steps forward that resolve issues while staying engaged with opportunities for growth. Whether you want to improve the overall work environment or work toward a specific initiative, our expertise gives us the insight to lend a hand.


Plus, we’re an outside perspective. Often, organizations already have everything they need to thrive. All it takes to realign from struggle to success is a fresh pair of eyes from someone who understands how to make things work. We provide that with services focused on the following areas.

Assessments: The team is only as strong as its weakest link.  Our team will identify areas of improvement and create plans of action that will ensure collaboration, innovation, and an overall great dynamic and environment.


Communication: Communication deficiencies can be one of the biggest unknown and known problems that many organizations experience.  Let our world-class trainers enlighten you about facets of communication that can potentially improve every relationship in your life.


Performance Improvement: Possessing the mindset of a lifelong learner means that we are consciously aware that we can improve.  Let us partner with you and your team for the sake of improved performance.  You’ll be amazed by the results.


Strategic Goal Setting: Some of your best ideas come when you are able to partner with someone and focus your thoughts on a particular path.  Our professional coaches are skilled at asking the right question at the appropriate time to make the perfect idea crystalize in your mind.


Training: Training is essential to the well-being of an organization.  That’s why ICS2 has focused energy on creating plans to grow leaders within the organization with training to develop leaders within the organization while challenging leaders at all levels to achieve their greatest potential.  Whether you are looking to evaluate and improve your training program or create one for your organization, ICS2 will partner with you to exceed your expectations.


Implementing Your Vision

Bring down the walls that hamper your entire organization and improve the level of team communication when you partner with a consulting group that takes the time to listen to what is important to you.


Secure a time to talk with our consulting team about your goals. By looking critically at every aspect of your enterprise, we can provide you and your employees with the tools needed to strengthen relationships across the spectrum. As goals and focus change, you may discover a need for business coaching for a few key leaders that have shown extraordinary potential. We stand ready to serve you in the capacity where you can realize greater growth and development in your market.


Contact us today to develop a plan that includes lessons learned from our team consulting. We proudly serve clients nationwide, both on-site and virtually.