Three More Mondays

Three more. Just three more Mondays to come in 2020…just enough to be counted on ONE hand!

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s taught us to seize the moment and appreciate each one for all that it brings. As we’ve begun the holiday season by giving thanks, plans have now quickly shifted to showering those we love with gifts. Moving toward the end of this unprecedented year, merely being here, alive and well, is the most precious gift imaginable. As we press toward the mark of a new calendar year with a greater appreciation of those closest to us, how can we best spend those remaining three Mondays? The challenges we’ve faced won’t magically disappear on January 1, 2021, but we can aspire to grow into the best version of ourselves to walk into 2021 better, strengthened, and resilient.

Are you counting down the final moments of 2020 or making each moment count? How can we use the effects of 2020 to mold a better year in 2021? Will you continue to follow the masses or pivot amid this unprecedented time to lead the way forward?

For us, as a family, we’ve purposefully chosen to lead the way forward, beginning within the walls of our own home. As a family, we’ve played John Maxwell’s Leadership Game for teens with our teens to help develop their mindsets to envision the abundance of the possibility that surrounds us every day….even in a pandemic. Devices set aside, social media put on pause….dare I say, we played a game of asking and answering questions, AND they enjoyed it! Great coaches ask great questions, and through the playing of this thought-provoking game, our teens are now better equipped to develop into the leaders they are destined to become! Everything rises and falls on leadership. Sharing insight and encouraging words through gameplay has allowed us to not only interact more meaningfully as a family but also sneak in “golden nuggets” of wisdom right smack in the middle of having fun!

Three more Mondays. Just three more. Will you count the days or make the days count? Who’s READY to lead the way?